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MedCamps Philosophy

We believe that all people, regardless of medical or special needs, deserve to experience life to the fullest and that camping is an American tradition which epitomizes normalcy and provides participants with a sense of well-being, belonging, accomplishment and self-worth. In light of these beliefs our mission is to provide at no charge a medically supervised residential camping experience that supports growth in the physical, social and emotional aspects of the life of a young person with special needs by developing normalcy, confidence and independence within each participant.

My name is Wes Cavin and I am the Camp Director at MedCamps of Louisiana. “MedCamps” is a non-profit summer camping opportunity for children who are living with chronic illnesses and disabilities. The illnesses these children are living with include spina bifidia and orthopedic conditions, cerebral palsy, downs syndrome, autism, asthma, sickle cell, hearing/speech/visual impairments, epilepsy/seizure disorders, and other developmental disabilities. Every summer, we have around 300-400 campers join us at Camp Alabama in Sibley, LA between Downsville and Choudrant, each getting to spend one week at camp with other children who have similar disabilities or illnesses to them. While at camp our campers have the opportunity to participate in several fun activities like canoeing, fishing, swimming, archery, art, disc golf, team sports, and much more. Apart from our core activities, we also like to have specialty events throughout the summer, one of which involves our community’s heroes, the fire fighters and police officers who keep us safe every day.

On June 11th and on June 18th, we would like to host these outstanding men and women at Camp Alabama for a MedCamps safety demonstration. This is a great opportunity for our campers to learn and experience some of the amazing and courageous things our firefighters and law enforcement encounter every day.

The physical address of MedCamps is 2090 Hwy. 145, Choudrant, LA and if this opportunity is approved we would like to begin the demonstration at 10am on both days. Thank you for your consideration and if any further information is required, please feel free to contact me via email ( or telephone (318.329.8405). Thank you for your consideration and support of MedCamps of Louisiana!

Kindest Regards,

Wes Cavin
Camp Director
MedCamps of Louisiana